2013 Contest Winners

The 2013 Contest Winners have been announced.  The Rochester Media Best of Show Award goes to Steven Roberts for his entry Brothers Popovic. We congratulate all the winners listed below:

First Page Category
1st place – Brothers Popovic by Steven Roberts
2nd place - I, Witness by James Knoop
3rd place – Blood Seed by Veronica Dale
Micro Fiction Category
1st place – Mid-Knight by Brianne Bendel
2nd place –  My Mother’s Stories by Roberta Brown
3rd place – Boomerang by Christina Woods
Margo LaGattuta Poetry Category
1st place – Birdsong, Dawn by Penny Hackett-Evans
2nd place – Don Quixote Ponders Wind Turbines by Sue Lynn Yurick
3rd place – Family Secret in Haiku, II by K. Michelle Moran