Writing Press Releases

With Andrea Walker

How to Write Press Releases & Gain Freelance Work

Promoting yourself, your writing and your talent 

Writing is our passion, and we want to share that passion with the world. But, how do you tell the world about your writing? Learning to write press releases and connect with the media is a great way to start spreading the word about your work.

As a writer, whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, your goal is to be read. Promoting yourself and your work will help you achieve that goal.

This lecture will discuss the basics of writing a press release, developing a media list and finding online resources for promotion.  In today’s social world, there are many ways to spread your words.

Another key way for writers to grow their craft is through freelance and contract writing. Whether you are ghost writing or writing for magazines, developing a good pitch and learning how to promote yourself.

Another aspect of the lecture will be how to obtain freelance work. From newspaper features and stories to blogs and even writing press releases for businesses, your writing skill is valuable.

Being a writer is a gift. Let’s make sure you are prepared to share that gift with the world!