Self-Publishing Panel

With Joe Ponepinto and Dora Badger

Changing business models in publishing, which have reduced the percentage of new authors receiving book deals to less than one percent, have forced writers to consider alternatives to the traditional writer/agent/publisher relationship. Self-publishing, once regarded as taboo among serious authors, has gained wider acceptance in the past decade, and is poised to become the dominant form of publishing in the book industry. Many large publishers have already begun to look to the self-publishing world as a proving ground to identify authors who can both write and market their books.

This workshop will guide writers through the self-publishing process, from establishing goals, through print and ebook production, to marketing. Dora Badger and Joe Ponepinto are both writers who have been published traditionally, as well as through self-publishing. They are also part of a group of local writers who are working to establish a self-publishing service network, Woodward Press. PANEL DISCUSSION